Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin Brick – 100mg

Hybrid THC: 10mg
Photo of Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin Brick – 100mg

Enjoy the perfect blend of sweet and tart flavors with Cannabals Strawberry Lemonade Brick Gummies. Each brick is segmented into 10 pieces, offering 10mg of pure THC per serving and 100mg per brick. Made with Liver Resin, extracted from freshly harvested cannabis plants that have been flash-frozen, these vegan gummies provide a uplifting experience, ideal for when you want to be your most creative. The Strawberry Lemonade flavor is a harmonious fusion of ripe strawberries and zesty lemon, creating a mouthwatering sensation that lingers on your palate.


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Uplifted