Old Pal

Ground Flower Pouch – Galactic Goo – 14g

Hybrid THC: 25.18%
Photo of Ground Flower Pouch – Galactic Goo – 14g

Pairs well with checking out the latest images from the James Webb Space Telescope and marveling at the immense size of our universe. Sharp mint and sour fruit flavors balanced with a grounding earthy nuttiness and a hint of fuel when combusting. High is focused on the frontal lobe that emanates into a overall euphoria that drifts into a deep calm that connects you to the rest of the galaxy

Old Pal Ready to Roll kits have everything you need to elevate any moment, anywhere. Each kit includes 14 grams of classic pre-ground cannabis, 1 1/4 inch hemp rolling papers, and tips – all packed into a handy resealable pouch.


  • Creative
  • Happy
  • Inspired
  • Uplifted