Off Hours

Awaken Orangeade – 10 Pack

Sativa THC: 9.44mg CBD: 4.74mg
Photo of Awaken Orangeade – 10 Pack

Ready to wake up? Off Hours Orange Punch Awaken gummies are specially formulated with an

eye opening blend of THC, CBD, and THCV to energize your day. Nano enhanced cannabinoids

for fast onset. Vegan friendly and gluten free.

Flavor: Orange Punch (sour)

Terpenes: special blend for energy

Size: 10ct

Strength: 100mg THC (10mg/serving) + 20mg THCV (2mg/serving) + 40mg CBD (4mg/serving)


  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Inspired